Discipleship Hour Classes

We offer Discipleship Classes for adults and children of all ages, every Sunday morning from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

Our Discipleship Hour is focused on strengthening and equipping God’s people through the teaching of God’s Word.  We are blessed with excellent teachers at every level, who provide teaching that is Christ-centered, relevant, and age-appropriate.  Jeanne Straubel serves as superintendent.

Adult Discipleship Classes

Ladies’ Sunday Morning Discipleship Class

How can you develop a faith that will remain strong when everyday circumstances get you down?  Where can you get wisdom to help you make the right choices in life’s many decisions?  The book of James gives reassuring answers to these questions and provides practical guidance on the pressing issues that women face daily.  This class is for ladies who yearn to grow spiritually and want to build relationships with other ladies  in the church.

  • Teacher:  Alexis Livesay
  • Location:  Education Building, Downstairs in the Ladies Lounge

Studies from the Pentateuch

Do you know what is the first book in the Bible?  That’s a trick question.  In spite of what the table of contents says, it is The Book of Moses, also known as the Pentateuch; the “five scrolls” of Genesis through Deuteronomy.  Come explore the Pentateuch with us as we look at the incredible story that Moses gives us about God’s great love for his people and His plan to make us into a priestly nation.

  • Teacher:  Vaughn Benner
  • Location:  Ministry Center, Downstairs

Children’s Classes

Our children’s Discipleship Classes are currently studying through The Gospel Project Curriculum which teaches our students how to see Jesus throughout all Scripture from Genesis to Revelation.


  • Location:  Education Building, Upstairs
  • Teachers:  Jeanne Straubel, Joan Boutwell, Tina Levasseur, Sarah Mansfield

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade:

  • Location:  Education Building, Upstairs
  • Teachers:  Mary Ann Kleintop, Gabriela Gornoski

3rd – 5th Grade:

  • Location:  Education Building, Upstairs
  • Teacher:  Steve Livesay

Youth Class

6th-12th grade

  • Study:  Apologetics study by Tim Keller
  • Location:  Education Building, Upstairs in the Youth Room
  • Teacher:  Pastor Andrew Clever