Sunday School Classes

We offer Discipleship Classes for adults and children of all ages, every Sunday morning from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

Our Sunday school is focused on strengthening and equipping God’s people through the teaching God’s Word. We are blessed with excellent teachers at every level, who provide teaching that is Christ-centered, relevant, and age-appropriate.

Adult Discipleship Classes

Romans in Review

  • Teacher: Gordon Hurlburt
  • Location: Education Building, 1st Floor
  • Group: Mixed Adults

A Biblical Vision of Gender, Sexuality, & Cultural Engagement
A comprehensive look at what the Bible teaches regarding gender and sexuality, and how to engage a culture that has largely replaced this God-centered vision with the pursuit of sexual autonomy. This class includes a good bit of discussion and application for everyday contexts. 

  • Teacher: Pastor Brian Walker
  • Location: Ministry Center
  • Group: Mixed Adults

Becoming a Woman Whose God is Enough
A study by Cynthia Heald. “God is the One who gives life; God is the One who sacrifices on our behalf; God is the One who bountifully bestows grace and love. He gladly guides, protects, and provides for His Flock. He is an all-sufficient Shepherd who yearns to be enough for us.” Come join us as we discover that God alone is truly enough. 

  • Teacher: Alexis Livesay
  • Location: Education Building, Downstairs
  • Group: Ladies

Children’s Classes


  • Teachers: Joan Boutwell, Jeanne Straubel
  • Location: Education Building, Upstairs
  • Study: The Gospel Project

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade:

  • Teachers: Gabriela Gornoski, Mary Ann Kleintop
  • Location: Education Building, Upstairs
  • Study: The Gospel Project

3rd – 5th Grade:

  • Teacher: Chad Straubel
  • Location: Education Building, Upstairs
  • Study: The Gospel Project

Youth Class (6th-12th grade)

  • Teacher: Andrew Clever
  • Location: Education Building, Upstairs in the Youth Room
  • Study: Apologetics study by Tim Keller