We believe that we are part of the larger work God is doing around the world to advance the Gospel.

Lake Morton Community Church has a strong heritage of supporting local and foreign missions.  We believe that we are part of the larger work God is doing around the world to advance the Gospel.  Over the years, God has called many of our own members to the mission field.  As a church, we are always seeking to increase our giving to the work of missions locally and abroad.  You can give online to support our missions fund.  All funds go directly to support the work of missions around the world and in our own community.  Our annual missions budget is set based on the faith promises given by the members and regular attenders of LMCC.  A faith promise is a commitment between you and the Lord, to give a certain amount toward missions in the coming budget cycle, July 2021—June 2022.

Give to the Missions Fund

As we support God’s global work, we are reminded that He has called each of us to be on mission each day in our workplaces, schools, families, and spheres of influence, to make disciples of Jesus.  In other words, our mission begins right here in Lakeland and extends to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

Local Lakeland Ministries

  • A Woman’s Choice

    Faith-based Pregnancy Care Center

  • Lighthouse Ministries

    Ministry to the Homeless and At-Risk

  • Camp Gilead

    Christian Camp Ministry

Global Ministries

  • David and Terea Williams


  • Chris & LaDonna Andreu

    Camp Gilead, CBM

  • Mace Baker

    Apologetics Ministry

  • Ben Buckman

    Counseling Ministry, Brazil

  • Dave & Jen Cox

    Church Planting in Romania

  • Paul & Karan Davis

    Church Planting in France

  • Hedemarrie & Bel Dussan

    Online Spanish Theological Training

  • Matt & Kelly Elmore

    Youth Ministry in Kenya

  • Dave & Cheri Kelso

    Word of Life in the UK

  • Saji & Mony Lukos

    Reaching Indians Ministries, International

  • Mark and Christy Patterson

    Exalting Christ Ministries, International

  • Davis P

    Bible Translation in Chad

  • Dan & Becky Rogerson

    Church Planting in Italy

  • Don and Kathie Stowell

    Brazil For Christ

  • Mauricio & Rosalia Sanchez

    Mission Aviation Fellowship

  • Abeneazer Urga & Jessie Udall

    Training Ethiopian Pastors