Real People. Real Grace. Real Peace.

  • August 7, 2016
  • Pastor Brian Walker
  • Born Again to a Living Hope

The last three verses of 1 Peter might seem like nothing more than a series of closing comments without much significance. But Peter’s final greetings in chapter 5, verses 12-14 are full of more meaning than we might think initially.

First, these verses remind us that Peter is writing a letter to real people. This is not a detached theological treatise. He is writing to real people, who face real struggles, in real life. This letter is being delivered to them by a real man named Silvanus (who is elsewhere called Silas). And Peter sends them greetings from real believers in Rome, and from a real son in the faith, named Mark. We are reminded God’s Word is for real people like us—broken people who are saints, sufferers, and sinners.

Second, these verses remind us that there is real grace for people like us. Peter says, “I have written briefly to you, exhorting and declaring that this is the true grace of God.” This is not some generic cultural concept of grace, but the true grace that only God can grant to sinful people. Peter reminds us that we are to stand firm in this grace. It is the foundation of our identity and everything we do as Christians.

Third, we are reminded that there is real peace to be found in this chaotic world. Peter closes his letter with a declaration of peace. But this is not a universal guarantee of peace. It is “peace to all who are in Christ.” If your faith is in Christ, then you can know true peace as you rest in Him. Apart from Christ, we can only medicate or distract ourselves from the problems we face. But in Christ, we can experience peace in the midst of them.

My prayer is that this week you will be able to see specific ways in which the real grace of God connects to your real life needs, and results in a real peace as you stand rooted in Christ.