Trust in the God Who Protects

  • August 27, 2017
  • Pastor Brian Walker
  • Longing for a Leader

Trust in the God Who Protects

1 Samuel 19

Think back over your life for a moment.   Do any moments stand out when your life could have gone another direction had it not been for the Lord’s intervention?  Do you have any moments when your life might have ended early, had it not been for one or two small factors that made it a “nearly fatal” rather than “fatal” moment?  How do these kinds of moments shape your view of God and His power & protection over your life?

My high school youth pastor was converted, when​,​ for a seemingly insignificant reason​,​ he decided not to get in a car that moments later was involved in a horrible accident.  That accident took​ the​ life of his best friend, and likely would have take​n​ his too​,​ had he been in the car.  He looks back on that seemingly random decision as ​a ​clear moment when God protected him and revealed his need of a Savior.

Before Sunday, read over 1 Samuel 19 a few times.  Take note of how many times God saves David from the hands of Saul.  Take note of when He does this through secondary means, such as other people, and when He does this through direct intervention.  What does this teach us about God’s sovereign protection?  How does it change your view of earthly threats?

If God can stonewall the efforts of the most powerful man in Israel to put David to death, then He can protect you and me.  His purpose for your life cannot be thwarted by outside threats.  And therefore, we are called to trust Him completely and give ourselves boldly to His mission.  God’s sovereign protection frees us to take on any risk required in service to His kingdom!