• February 25, 2017
  • LMCC_AdminUser

Welcome to the Lake Morton Community Church Website.   We’re glad you have taken a few moments to learn more about our church family.   This website exists to help you learn about our worship, beliefs, core values, and ministries.  But you may be wondering, “What will I find when I walk through the doors of this church?”  We can summarize it by saying that you will find real people and real grace.

First, you will find real people.  We are people who are sinful and broken in many ways, but have found grace and restoration through Jesus.  We seek to be people who are honest about our failures, gracious toward the hurting, instruments of change and healing in one another’s lives, and on mission to reach our community with the life-changing hope of the Gospel.

You will also find real grace at LMCC.  Grace is the heart of our message.  We believe that God’s grace through Jesus Christ is our hope for this life and for eternity.  This grace is not only the way we come into a relationship with God, but also the basis for our growth as followers of Christ.

Real people.  Real grace.  These four words shape the culture and atmosphere of our church.  We are real people who are broken, but have received abundant grace from God.  Because of this we welcome those who are broken, and desire to show the same kind of grace that we have received.

While you can learn a lot about our church through our website, we hope you’ll come visit us in person.  We would love the opportunity to meet and know you!

Grace and Peace,