CARE Groups

Care groups are the central hub of discipleship at LMCC.

Each care group is a gathering of 8-15 people, who meet regularly to share in fellowship and invest deeply in each other’s lives.  The purpose of Care Groups can be described in four points:

CChrist-centered communityCare groups provide a context for deeper fellowship and accountability in the body of Christ.
AApplication of God’s WordCare groups provide a context where people can apply God’s Word in a practical way.
RRedemptive RelationshipsCare groups provide a context for more effective shepherding of God’s people.
EExtending the Mission of LMCCCare groups provide a context for involving more of our people in our church’s mission.

We encourage every member and regular attender to connect with one of our care groups.  To inquire about one of our Care Groups, click below.

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2022 Care Group Opportunities

Group LeaderLocationMeeting Time
Ed MatthewsEd Matthew’s homeThursday evenings, 6:30 pm;                                                        Call the office (863-686-5919) for information
Jonathan FunkThe Funk’s home1st, 3rd & 5th Thursday evenings, 6:30 pm;                                 Call the office (863-686-5919) for information
LMCC DeaconessesLMCC Ministry CenterLadies Potluck Luncheon;                                                            3rd Saturday 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Andrew CleverLMCC Youth RoomMen’s Bible Study: Monday Evenings 7:30 pm
Richard GoodierJoan B.’s  home2nd & 4th Wed. evenings, 6:30 pm;                                            Call the office (863-686-5919) for information